I bought my General Admission.  What do I need to bring with me?

You must bring your confirmation email including your QR code (printed or mobile AVOX App) to the event registration area on the day of the event. They will validate it, and provide a wristband and GA badge that serves as entry credential.  

Admissions are valid for one individual for one day, and may not be shared. If you remove a wristband, it is void and you will not be re-admitted.   

If I’m attending with a group, can I pick up everyone’s credentials?

No, the event registration team must place the wristband on the individual, so we cannot give you all of the wristbands for your group.  Each person must be present to receive a wristband.

What are the differences between VIP Add Ons, Black Access and General Admission?

All attendees are required to purchase a General Admission ticket/Badge.
General Admission includes access to per-registered panels, stage events and workshops
(except those clearly identified as either VIP only or separate admission required),
and our Exhibit Hall A during published show hours.

BLACK Access General Admission tickets have priority seating and choice of programming
(VIP and AVOX Signings excluded).

VIP Add-On packages vary, including preferred seating, specific VIP Autographs /Photo Ops, or AVOX exclusive merchandise.

AVOX Signings are a special limited autograph opportunity - extremely limited.

Are there Autograph tables?

In addition to the AVOX Signings, there will be many autograph, photo op, and signing opportunities throughout the show.

How do I get my VIP Add-Ons?

When you arrive at the venue, proceed to the VIP check in area after you’ve received your General Admission wristband.
Show your QR code to event staff and they will issue you your VIP credentials.
You will receive an email approximately 1 week prior to the event with additional details.


I purchased my <fill in the blank> VIP Add-On. Does this give me access to other VIP events?

No, your VIP corresponds to your designated group time. If you purchase a general admission photo op or autograph for another celebrity, you must attend during that designated group time. 

I bought my admission, and my plans have changed.  Can I get a refund?

Just like a theater or concert ticket, our admission is non-refundable.

I have a disability that requires a companion.  Do they need to buy admission?

Yes, they must purchase admission as well. However, they need only purchase General Admission.